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Sierra Club

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Censored Caribou Maps

Gwich'in First Nation

Natural Resources Defence Council

Arctic Refuge

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Senator Frank Murkowski's home page. 

Write your Senator! The Senate home page.

Write your Congressperson! The House home page.

W's home page. For what it's worth.

The Canadian Government thinks drilling is a bad idea. Their statement.

The American Geology Institute's estimate of oil resources in ANWR. A useful analysis.

ANWR.ORG is an oil company propaganda site. Much of it is deliberate disinformation or selective use of data, but it's an interesting insight into pro-development thinking.

Northern Alaska Environment Center is a longstanding Alaska activist group.

Arctic Circle has a great informative site on ANWR.

Oil Development and Caribou Science is a paper on the impact of oil development on caribou biology, w/ extensive bibliography.

The Fish and Wildlife Service's offical ANWR page is dead, but this mirror site has much of the info. Good for planning a trip.

The Congressional Research Service has a hugely comprehensive brief on ANWR and all the conflicts. Very dense, but you'll feel like a well-informed citizen.

The USGS petroleum assessment for ANWR.